“My office uses Tuff-Ties as backup to our regular handcuffs. In our plainclothes capacity we find Tuff-Ties to be a great alternative to a second pair of handcuffs. They fit nicely into a jacket or pants pocket with no discernable bulge. We encourage all our investigators to carry Tuff-Ties in all plainclothes or off-duty situations. We find them extremely handy in mass arrest situations or flying on extraditions. All of our 140 investigators are issued several pair of Tuff-Tie handcuffs, leg ties and hobbles.”

Rick Martin
San Diego County District Attorney Investigator
Professional Standards and Training Division

“…. One of the great selling points for US Military operations in places like Kosovo or Afghanistan is that it causes significantly less damage to the prisoner than the flexi cuffs. This is a big headache for commanders who are trying to keep the Red Cross and other international help agencies happy….”

US Army MP Major

“……There are many options out there besides steel cuffs. One of my favorites are string cuffs. They are one-time use devices you pull onto the bad guy’s wrists, then cut them off later. String cuffs are kind of like plastic zip cuffs but are made of braided shoelace-like material easily fitting in your pocket.”

John Russo
March/April 2009 issue of American Cop Magazine referring to Tuff-Tie restraints in Officer Survival section.

Condensed from an article entitled Executive Protection-Facing Airline Hijackers: “….Weapons can still be brought on board an aircraft by persons with malicious intent. You must think ahead when boarding a plane in order to provide yourself with options. Not necessarily weapons mind you, but options. Perhaps a heavy leather belt with a heavy buckle can be used as a flail, a whip, or as a restraint device…Think about your choice of clothing, and always use the thickest and strongest bootlaces you can find. We carry Tuff-Tie cuffs because handcuffs aren’t allowed on commercial aircraft…”

The Business and Security e-Journal
The Lubrinco Group
International Risk Management Services

Because most police agencies discourage their personnel from publicly endorsing private products, we encourage interested persons to contact us directly for additional user references.
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